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Dosmiltres Is a minimalist Jewelry Brand Which's purpose is to make you look and feel like a goddess by providing a variety of minimalist and elegant styles within its jewelry. 

"Ever since the idea of making a jewelry store came to my head, the first thing I thought about was my date of birth, I wanted a unique name and one that would be stuck in everybody's head. When I told my friends about the name "Dosmiltres" they said it was weird but, I had a feeling in my stomach that that was the right name. We tried 2003 in french but I couldn't pronounce it, so I went with my first language, Spanish. I also knew that I wanted jewelry that had a good quality and wouldn't tarnish, but the most important thing I knew was that I wanted Girls to feel beautiful and confident when they were wearing Dosmiltres."

-words from our founder Emeli Morel

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